Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Shining shoe-shines

Yesterday, the papers (Indian Express) told us about the shoe-shine boys who are donating to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund, towards helping the Tsunami victims.

They said they're giving five rupees each. They make fifteen rupees a day. That's one-third their income. That probably means a whole meal. It means two cups of tea, when they're homeless in a Delhi winter.

This morning, the papers told us about Karan Johar, SRK and Rani Mukherjee turning up to hand over Rs 25 lakhs each.

I wish they hadn't. At least, I wish they had refused to be photographed with the PM. Much as I love SRK and Rani, I cannot bring myself to feel anything about this whole donation business. My first thought was - "You'd better! Imagine making a crore a film (Karan Johar probably makes more) and then taking a whole week before parting with a few lakhs."

But those shoe-shine boys.... twelve-year olds - boys who must be dying to spend every extra rupee on food. Boys who have no shoes and no treats.... I could kiss them for their five rupees.


anumita said...

God bless them, little angels!!!

Prashant Pacific said...

Now I know where the true wealth of our country is...

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