Saturday, March 12, 2005

Out with the muzzle

A friend's father had once said, of the bosses at Kantipur, Nepal's biggest media organisation, "For the owners of such a big media group, they've got a very small heart."

One could easily say the same about the top guns at BCCL/TOI, as they go about persecuting one poor blogger who spoke his mind... if only they would put in the same kind of research and investigative skills into their publications.

Following a legal notice from the TOI's lawyers, Mediaah!, the first and probably most widely read media (watchdog) blog in the country, has downed the shutters, for now.

Do sign this petition, and do your bit to protest the muzzling of small voices that dare to critisize powerful mainstream media bigwigs.

In the meantime, the posts that BCCL/TOI deems offensive are here. Many thanks to the anonymous angel who saved them and posted them.

Do savour.
Do spread them round.
They're the vaccine for many a plague.

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