Monday, February 20, 2006

Bittersweet victory

"Early last year, 1,600 women, all of them health workers at two Cumbrian hospitals, won the biggest ever equal pay deal: a total of £300m. At a time when the pay gap between men and women is actually growing, the settlement should have sparked a clamour for equality. Instead, there has since been an eerie silence.... the ramifications of it just too enormous - what would happen if it triggered equal pay claims across the whole of the public sector?"

And further:

"Union hierarchies may be reluctant to follow the example, but not veteran employment lawyer Stefan Cross, who..... offering to take no-win-no-fee cases for women who feel they've been failed by their unions. "I scratched my head trying to work out why unions were taking such a bizarre and intransigent position: they were lining up with the employers against women"."

Read the whole story.
It ends with a lawyer saying "It's the best buzz in the world."
Somebody kidnap those lawyers and bring them to India!

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