Monday, April 06, 2015

Registered Post: a short story

It was 7.30 in the morning and my alarm hadn’t gone off when Suhail showed up. I was still in my nightie when the bell rang and I was just looking for a dupatta to throw over my chest. But Shahryar said he’d get the door, so I settled back into bed. 

A whole minute passed. The silence outside was making me nervous. Nobody who comes to our door in this town leaves without saying a word or two, even if it is just salaam, ram-ram, or I’llshowyoubitchjustwatch. Milkman, postman, courier, goons sent by the other party after I’ve had a good day in court. Everybody has something to say. 

Read the whole story here.


Anonymous said...

What an enjoyable story! A good film script, really.

dipti said...

Really enjoyable .

Annie Zaidi said...

thanks batul, that's what I had in mind :)
and thanks dipti

dipali said...

What a fabulous story!!!!

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