Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A film about Indian women and books

I made a documentary film last year. It took a year and a half. It's out, DVDs available through the producer, PSBT. Here's the promo:

Here's a piece about it in The Hindu:

“This film is not about identity or self-definition as ‘writers,’” Zaidi says. “It is trying to look at women’s rights, concerns and freedoms, as reflected in literature. Identity is a very fluid and contextual construct. Caste may be most important outside the household, for instance, but within a household, womanhood may be her primary identity. And sometimes, the opposite might be true. However, all the women in the film have written about the feminine and female experience of life.”

If you're an institution, university, festival or a film club that wants to organize a screening, you can get in touch with me or PSBT. 

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