Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In which I expose my maha-random musical tastes and hold forth on eggs as a philosophy to live by.

It was my first time inside a radio station/studio, and I was already over the moon at the idea of being on the same show as writers like Bapsi Sidhwa and Hanif Kureishi, talking to the beautiful Mahvesh, who is actually so wonderfully well-read it is almost a bit intimidating.

But I am also totally jealous of Karachi for having a radio show dedicated to books and writers. Why does India not have such a show? And it goes on for nearly two hours. Why can we not go on for at least one hour? Much as I love Hindi films and Hindi music, and the people who make them, why can we not have just a little more imagination, and a little more courage in our radio and television programming? Or do we actually believe that writers are totally irrelevant and the only people worth talking to film stars, or perhaps film directors?

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