At home, in the backyard, doing my favourite thing (Photo by Yasmin Zaidi)

At the launch of Known Turf: Bantering with Bandits and Other True Tales, at the wonderful Swami Vivekanand Library, Bhopal (photo by AM Faruqui)

Doing what all writers should be doing before they attempt their own books 
(photo by Ayeesha Menon Dryden)

My other favourite activity (signing books!) at the Bangalore launch of The Bad Boy's Guide to the Good Indian Girl or The good Indian Girl's Guide to Living, Loving and Having Fun; 
hosted by Toto Funds  the Arts (photo by Anmol Vellani)
In a Sahariya hamlet in a village in district Sheopur, while working as a reporter for Frontline magazine. My mother's caption for this one is 'In the thick and thin of it'. (photo by AM Faruqui) 

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