I made a documentary film about the literary heritage of Indian women writers. Here's a link (below) to the film, In Her Words: The Journey of Indian Women, on YouTube:

Here's a piece about the film in The Hindu:

“This film is not about identity or self-definition as ‘writers,’” Zaidi says. “It is trying to look at women’s rights, concerns and freedoms, as reflected in literature. Identity is a very fluid and contextual construct. Caste may be most important outside the household, for instance, but within a household, womanhood may be her primary identity. And sometimes, the opposite might be true. However, all the women in the film have written about the feminine and female experience of life.”

[If you're an institution, university, festival or a film club that wants to organize a screening, please get in touch with me. DVDs are also available through the producer, PSBT]


I wrote a short film, Two Way Street (directed by Asmit Pathare), which has been to a bunch of festivals and has been very well received. 

The film's listing and credits on IMDb:


Two of my published works have also been adapted for screen. "The One That Was Announced", a short story that was part of my 2012 collection, became the basis for Yours Truly (directed by Sanjoy Nag and starring Soni Razdan). 


I started out experimenting with video about a decade ago, writing spec scripts and then making a few short films myself to get a feel for the medium.

Of the video links below, I have written and directed 'But-nama' 'Engine' and 'Ek Bahut Choti si Love Story'. My first experiment with film was 'Ek Red Colour ki Love Story', which attempts to combine poetry with narrative film, while using the cityscape as inspiration for both, verse and image.

I also wrote the scripts for 'Sujata' (adapted from my own short story that has been published here: and 'Nafs' (I had originally wanted to title the film 'Ek Bahut Ajeeb si Love Story').

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