Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Dear Yo Yo Honey

Words are one of the first things we ache for. A baby learns to say ‘Ma’ or ‘Pa’ or ‘Daadi’ because those are the words of first love. Then comes ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Biscuit’... 

Words are the tools through which we assimilate, and learn to negotiate society. This process never ends. Every year I change a little bit because of what I absorb, mostly through words. What I read, watch, experience, dream, overhear.

Society is a mish-mash of image, word and experience. This is what culture is. Artists are not loved for nothing. They grasp our shared truth. They help us derive meaning from the chaos of life.

... Art is not witnessed or dismissed overnight. Just like violent ideas are not assimilated and put into practice overnight.
Extracted from a longer letter addressed to rap musician Honey Singh, after I signed a petition calling for his show (scheduled at a hotel in Gurgaon) to be cancelled. 


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