Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A liberal and a libertarian

Not that I needed an online quiz to tell me this - but it seems I am part-liberal, part-libertarian in my politics.
In fact, they say I'm exactly half-way between these two ideologies. (Or do I mean philosophies?) Here's my score.

The good thing about this quiz was that at least I figured out the difference between liberal and libertarian (They sound so alike... I'd never have known).

And oh, I got this one off Dilip D'souza's blog.


zigzackly said...

And i landed up on the cusp between lefty, libertarian and centrist.
Doomed to be forever the fence-sitter, no?

jaygee said...

Am a liberal.... definitly shifting into the leftist wing of things!! oh dear me..! u think I will find a commuinist of my own? ;)

Nikhil said...

Libertarian. *raises hand*

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