Monday, March 28, 2005


Came across this quote:

"There should be a limit, even to the means of keeping ourselves alive. Even for life itself, we should not do certain things..."


And found myself nodding in agreement. Even for life, even for livelihood, even for the most primal of instincts - survival... there are limits.


Anonymous said...

..zindagi tujhse har ek saans pe samjhauta karoon,
shauk jeena ka mujhe hai, magar itna bhi nahin..

by Muzzafar Warsi

jaygee said...

but with every single difficulty.. or a trying time.. our limit for even perseverance goes up.. don't things around you constantly prove that how ever bad things are, one does survive it?

annie said...

right you are. we humans survive just about everything - even holocausts. but justification of certain things as a means to survival is too much to swallow... of course, all of us have to decide our own limits. How much is too much?

'..shaukh jeene ka mujhe hai, magar itna bhi nahin'!
thank you, anon. :)

Anonymous said...

It's one way of thinking I guess, but one that in real life doesnt hold much water. Only those achieve much that learn to persevere.

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