Saturday, March 12, 2005

Women's C-phobia

A little late in the day, considering 'Women's Day' has come and gone, but my friend J, sent this to me and I'm linking to it, here, because it's really interesting how more and more of my women-friends are reacting to commitment in exactly the same as men did.

More and more women I know say the same thing: But I'm happy being single... I've got some money, a lot of friends, my own pad... I mean, look at me!

And of course, they all believe that men are good fun. Men make for interesting conversation, are often brimming over with sparkling wit, and if they enjoy dancing... who could ask for more? My girl-friends really do like men.

But, like they keep repeating: "Imagine living with the same man for years and years? Imagine belonging to this one guy? Imagine being married!?"

As for me, I just think it would be infinitely amusing if we could have men's magazines, with men dressed in satin bedsheets on the cover, and with agony uncle columns inside, where men write in asking for advice on how to get their girlfriend of five years to tie the knot.

Typically, the agony uncle would simper sympthetically and say, 'Give her time. Don't let her feel like she's being pushed into a corner... you know what the female ego is like, don't you? ... but finally, don't waste the best years of life on someone who isn't even sensitive to your needs... it is important to move on..."

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