Saturday, September 01, 2007

The weird, the comic and the ugly

This is almost a ritual for bloggers now: to keep an eye - a widened, part-horrified, part-amused eye - out for the weird searches that direct the web-world to their blogs. I had mentioned one particular google search a couple of years back (sadly, have not kept the promise I made at the end of that bemused post).

Here's an update on some of the more interesting searches that led people to Known Turf (the comments in brackets are my reactions):

teachers in transparent saree

mallu in transparent salwar

black prostitutes on the job

quiet kind person (This googler sounds interesting)

fat woman on thin man shoulders statue

sar pe topi lal lal

ae handsome (!)

aye mere nehru (!!)

naughty tailor taking measurements of nude girls with his hands

please I saw the rashtrapati garden (why the 'please')

smriti irani cleavage pics

chennai aunty sex story

DO GUYS LIKE QUIET GIRLS? (In all capitals. And the answer to that is, I hope so)

madhuri dixit mili raste mein mili raste mein, khaye chane hamne saste mein

low waist sarees (this cannot be an Indian, surely?)

jonsar map india

Perverts "R" Us /Stories/ First Time Sex Experience

researcH WORK on rasmalai (Wow!)

dilip kumar saw sayra bano nude (One certainly hopes so)

air hostess getting raped

photos of white prostitutes

indian sexy maidservants

Empathetically meaning Dictonary English to hindi (Empathy means 'samvedna' in Hindi)

yana gupta fashion pictures

how to make an icy chai

woman from india gropped in public large breasts

xxx text stories of sex in india

paliwal farm jaipur sex drugs party

kamuk ho gayi (Kamuk means lustful?)

roti from millets

fuck renuka chowdhary

pathani suits mumbai

shia muttah marriage with hindu women

night bus girl rubbing her breast story bangalore

madhuri dixit mili raste mai (again!)

Which symbol on the 100 rupee note help blind recognize it?

disillusioned with osho (Tsk-tsk)

sanskrit shloka on peace in hindi

land allotment policy for Biodiesel plantation in punjab, india

"hidden recording devices" journalistic ethics audio


InTeGeR said...

Any idea of the numbers that might have stumbled here 'incorrectly'? :-)

Went through some of the queries and this site ends as #1 on some of them.

dipali said...

Weird are the ways of the internet!

Vikrum said...


Google "fair skin" and see what you get. It's kind of cool...

Anonymous said...

what HAVE you been writing here, girl, that I missed? personally the most intriguing was Smriti Irani's cleavage - I mean why? what would Freud have to say about this kind of fixation?

Admin said...

wow, people are totally obsessed with breasts...

Anonymous said...


may i please know how you managed to get a domain here instead of blogspot. do you have to pay something and re-direct to this address or something else.

~nm said...

Funny and interesting! BTW, how do you find out what keywords search led to your blog??

the mad momma said...

wow annie. and all these idiots landed here? the worst i got was 'in laws irritating me'!

Anonymous said...

this is a hilarious list. "madhuri dixit mili raastei main" HAHAHAHAHA. duniya umeed mar qayam hai.

Anuja said...

lol, this post is going to make you the top search result for many more interesting queries!

~nm said...

Its been really long since you posted! Hope you are doing good!

Anonymous said...


I have some interesting one too :)

Cooolkub said...

Hi Annie,

Had I just read this post only I would have just moved on but having read your other posts too I must say I like them. congratulations :)

I have to admit I that I had landed up on your page precisely by the same mentioned method ( sheepish grin ha ha ). For all those who think that I am embarrassed now ... well I am not by any means :) .

Just for the heck of it here is what I think of this post. My type Fellow comrades who havent yet been to this page will now see this page top their google search results. Pretty nice way,this, to hike page visits. congratulations again. ( If you are not yet furious by now then I am curious to know how you found this search phrases )

See ya around. Keep posting.
For those are still wondering if I am being appreciative of this post/abusive, I AM appreciative.

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