Thursday, January 29, 2009

Because we are what we vote

Because we must not forget.


Shravan said...

What's the point of voting when I know that the outcome would be decided by the ignorant majority. Democracy works when knowledgeable populace elects knowledgeable leaders. It doesn't work when sheep are given choice to vote for wolves.

Leon Basin said...

I liked that;) Thanks!!

Indian Home Maker said...

That's what I should tell commenters who say I am biased against BJP, extreme right wing and Modi!
The party we like shows what we are.

Animesh said...

@Annie: Thanks a lot for linking to us!

@Leon, IHM: Thanks. See you at our blog :-).

@Shravan: Not sure where you live, but the last time I checked [cite on the vision doc], ~60% of delhi voted in the state elections on the day after the terror attacks. Are you saying that the techies/educated lot in Vasant Kunj cannot vote for the person who actually delivered on his/her promises?

Note that we are not only focused on MPs, whose constituencies are huge. MLAs, city councilors, pachayat reps -- you name it, and we will provide you ways to track their promises. I am sure there is at least _one_ constituency in India where this non-ignorant minority is in a majority [Kormangala, Bangalore anyone?]. The question is, do you want to start doing something concrete, or keep giving excuses about how it is too tough!

India wants to vote, but it needs a topic to vote _on_. We think that _fulfillment of promises made the last time around_ is a good plank for any politician seeking re-election. And some of them think so too.

So, dear sheep, this time, you can use data to say to your current wolf that you will choose the other guy, unless the current wolf makes good on the road he promised. What say?

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