Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Somebody outlaw this

Saw and heard Mahashweta Devi today.

Random question from girl in audience:

"What is your take on the term 'feminism'?"

This was followed by a half statement along the lines of '...actually, I also do not agree with that term...'

Oh dearOh dearOh dear! These children who do not read and then open their mouths in public. I am considering supporting legislation that requires people to have read at least two hundred books (including at least five books by contemporary women writers) before they are allowed to ask questions at literary events.


Sharanya said...

Looks like my teachers at college are right when they say "read and then ask". I think I'm going to email this article to my friends; the sooner we all know, the better!

Anonymous said...

btw, if one does read 200 books (including at least 5 by contemporary women writers), is one assured of a definitive definition of the term?

ps: (to the previous comment) article? this is an article? i envy your friends.


1conoclast said...

More passion than reason.
Uncle says he gets irritated when he has to endure a fan commenting on a cricketing shot without having played cricket....
All of us comment on actors without having acted or even watched enough fine acting.... I seethe when someone ventures to suggest that Amitabh may not be the collosus he is....

I'll say this. I agree with Feminism. I stand by, support & will fight for the ideal. But not for feminists.

PS: I reserve the right to change my stance at a later point.

pawan said...

Theek hai yaar. Hum bhi kabhi bachche the:):)

Aruni Kashyap said...


Annie, just to add, Mahasweta Devi resists being called a feminist, so does Indira Goswami. See the Segull anthology of interviews and essays on Mahasweta Devi.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Golly! Is it a bad word now??

Ah well, I am what I am.

Anonymous said...

:-) Good one, Annie. First time visitor to your blog (came via Caferati), and couldn't stop with reading the latest post. But now I have to go, as my kitchen beckons. Will be back for more. May I blogroll you?

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