Monday, May 17, 2010

What they're saying and how to buy

The first few reviews from non-blog media:

(I think this was the first one online)

And quite an unpleasant one here.

And here are a couple of mentions:

For those who are interested, here is an account of the Delhi launch.

And if you're looking to buy online at a discount, here are more options:

This place seems to be more expensive but they say they deliver internationally.


Another blogger review here.

And this place is offering a generous discount.


Jasdeep said...

i want a signed copy, how can i get one ?

are there any plans of Chandigarh launch ?


Annie said...

Jasdeep: We've already had a Chandigarh launch. At the Broswer bookstore. I'm afraid there might not be any signed copies but if you pick up one (or more!) I promise to sign it whenever I'm in the city next.

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