Thursday, July 22, 2010

Speaking of which

I hope Bombay get some urinals too. I have mixed feelings about stepping out of home on a rare, clear afternoon in this gorgeous monsoon weather and the first thing I come up against is an open drain with more brown water gushing past within than the Yamuna has had for the last few decades, and then to spot a gleaming silver Esteem car, out of which a man in a pair of branded jeans emerges, struts towards the drain and urinates into it.

It is not nice at all when you have to hurry past and a little further, what do you see? Another car - a bigger, more expensive one - with another young man urinating into the same excessive ditch. I can swear that the fellow's haircut must have cost him more than six month's worth of peeing in pay-n-use toilets in the cities. It really is time we got public urinals on every other street with massive fines for not using them.


Tushar Mangl said...

rightly said

Anonymous said...

Completely agree. The other city that seems to have a serious lack of civic sense and any shame is Bangalore. It's ridiculous how men seem to prefer the roads, busy or otherwise!

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