Monday, April 04, 2011

Insane certainties

Kirekegaard has said somewhere that often people treat difficult life questions like naughty schoolboys — they copy the answers from a book instead of working out the solution to the problem. I suspect that most political activists or party ‘workers’ do the same. They don’t want to think. They just want to follow someone’s lead. Then it becomes easy to let go, for example during a bandh.
... This is what happened when pro-Telangana protestors went on the rampage during a bandh in Hyderabad last month. They set fire to the office of SSAAT, an organisation working with the government to ensure proper implementation of the NREGS. 

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Yayaver said...

A country of followers we are... Civility is not something we are born with it. And no one was there to taught these people a lesson in peaceful disobedience. Good points raised but the what is the solution ?

Jai_C said...

The only thing I'm 100% sure about is that I'm not 100% sure abt anything... oops :-)

There appears to be such a positive image associated with nuanced thinking and such a negative image with certainty that few people will be honest with expressing what may be internally, certainties. They will more likely than not adorn it with a thin skein of showy doubt.

Good writeup. Your point in highlighting the activities of SSAAT was probably to show up how Telangana activists were working against the interests of the ppl of Telangana. Note and appreciate this.

But I got stuck thinking what if they had burned a theatre, or bar?

I am sorry to say I find this just as wrong. Even if above property was privately owned and the owner continues to be extremely wealthy after deducting this loss.

While I recognize the externalities of burning an institution that serves the poor are more horrendous than the above test case I have problems grading offences in a scale of increasing grey. As far as I can tell, I have fewer steps of less separation than an out-and-out leftist liberal.

There it is, my opinion with insufficient garnish of nuance. All I can say in my defence is that its as uncompromisingly honest as it can be.


WillOTheWisp said...

Kirekegaard stated what ought to be obvious to the educated thinking-types we are. This applies to almost all, or so me thinks, to matters that find words on this page.

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