Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The making of a river goddess

Somewhere in the Haryanvi village of Mughwali, there is a little acquifer. That is to say, there is a hole in the earth, bricked around, and a circlet of still water. There's a frog paddling in it.

Nothing about this image suggests “river”. As farmer Jarnail Singh points out, a river is that which flows; this is groundwater. Others disagree. This water, they insist, is the same river Saraswati, the one mentioned in the Rig Ved. Built around contestations of what it is, what it can achieve and what's at stake, is a 20 minute documentary film, “Searching for Saraswati”, showing tomorrow (July 10) on the New York Times website.

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Sanchita Srivastava said...

Ms Zaidi, I am a Research Scholar pursuing her M.Phil in History and I am working on understanding contemporary Hindutva, specifically, the role played by urbane, articulate, and empowered women in (re)constructing as well challenging the ideologies of Hindutva, and the role that social media plays in this process. Since a key element of thesis is the issue of abuse that an increasingly large number of women are facing online for voicing a political opinion that isn’t as palatable to the Internet Hindus, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to share your insights and experiences on the subject with me?

If it is not too inconvenient for you, I would love for us to get in touch over email. Please let me know.


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