Thursday, February 23, 2006

Limerick fun

This lady has a delightful take on the news and I've been meaning to link to her newsmericks blog for a while now.

I would also like to point to a hilarious thread of limericking banter, sparked off by one of Aparna's posts, on the subject of the blanket-ban on sex in the nude.

It begins with Aparna's:

It seems clerics are hotly debating
The right and wrong methods of mating!
Some have decreed it rude
To enjoy sex in the nude.
'Be modest, use a blanket', they are stating!

And sample this refreshingly honest one, by Manish Bhatt:

On nudity, the clerics might soften
And the debates might continue off-on
I say, then I repeats
I don't mind them sheets
As long as I can do it often.

There's other fun stuff there. Do go look, if you're limerickally inclined..

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Pareshaan said...

Thanks for linking up to this fantastic blog.

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