Thursday, February 02, 2006

Salescows and such

Prakriti has some very interesting perspectives on salespeople and cows.

There is a huge cow in Jind, a large town in Haryana, which enterprisingly enters all shops on a particular street in the evenings, literally makes all the right noises, gets food, chomps it calmly, and then moves on to the next shop.... She was the best salesman (woman? Cow?) I saw on that visit, and I met quite a few. She got what she wanted, most of the times on a push, gave a feeling of satisfaction and happiness to the ones she raided, AND gave a boost to a totally third industry, generating goodwill all along the chain.

What is truly impressive is that this is not a post, but an official sales report. Do read it here.

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Dr. Gonzo said...

It wasn't really an official sales report. I submitted it however, with the official sales report.

I haven't been fired, surprisingly, yet.

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