Monday, February 06, 2006

Kali ghodi dwaar khadi

The Kalaghoda Gazette for those who can't be there, or those who were there but still want to read about it, or those who just generally like blogger's take on things, this is a wonderful space to check out, for the duration of the Kalaghoda Festival... Pity this is only a limited edition Blogette.

(The title of this post, incidentally, is a Hindi film song, also a traditional thumri number; the kali ghodi arriving at your doorstep represents a bridegroom's baraat arriving, to take away the bride, but in sufi literature/music, it also represents the beloved/God arriving, to take over/take away the devotee's soul.)


kuffir said...

god is a mare? and black ? this goes against too many stereotypes.

kuffir said...

p.s. i like the idea.

david raphael israel said...

nice to have such interesting explication of headline puns ;-)

this reminds me that the practice of punning in newspaper headlines seems well entrenched in certain sections of daily papers (or in certain types of papers & magazines), and rare in others...

& thanks for the pointer

cheers, d.i.

smriti said...

Anna love, the crow pics are BEAUTIFUL...btw, what does Zula mean? and can i be mean to a commentator here? i want to throw my hands up and say o, come on! to kuffir.
miss you babe. write me an email. all this public communication is ... well, just does not qualify for "communication".

Unknown said...

Hi Annie,

Nice to be here. I have given you a link on my blog. Hope you will link me to yours too!

Just in case, you would.


How goes? Kala Ghoda rocks and Caferati rocks with it!


Annie Zaidi said...

Kuffir: You're impossible! But you made me smile...
David: yes, in India esp, a lot of papers use songs and movie titles to pun with.
Smriti: zula is jhoola... as in, swing. in Marathi, they use 'z' for the 'jh' sound. it's actually pronounced as a cross between 'z' and 'jh'... and yes, communication links are being resumed, on a non-public track as well :)
john: thanks for linking to me and for stopping by. keep visiting

balihai said...

interesting. from what i know the groom only rides a white mare.
the kalighodi in the thumri from Chashme-Badoor was a tongue in cheek reference to the black jawa/yezdi the hero(s) rode.

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