Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another book, another contest

A must-read, and a please-acquire book. And not just because I was included. These are 21 stories written by South Asian women under 40. I'm particularly kicked about the fact that this anthology breaks several stereotypes about 'women's writing'. There's a graphic short story, a detective story, an internet story, a prostitute story (except there aren't any hearts of gold), a tender killing story.... Worth reading.



Toto Funds the Arts, Delhi Chapter, invites entries for its flash fiction contest. The winner will get a cash prize of Rs. 3000 and two runners-up will be awarded Rs. 1000 each. A public event will be organized for the winners to read their stories along with an established author.

Submission Guidelines

  1. You cannot be older than 30 on June 1, 2007. Include a statement confirming your date of birth and that the story is original and unpublished.
  2. The contest is limited to young Indians residing in Delhi and NCR. No NRIs, please.
  3. Only one submission is allowed per person.
  4. The story cannot exceed 500 words.
  5. Entries can be either sent by e-mail to tfadelhi@gmail.com or by snail mail to:

    TFA Contest, D/377 2nd Floor, Defence Colony,

    New Delhi 110024.

  1. The deadline is 20 April 2007. Please mention your name and contact details separately, not on the entry itself.


1conoclast said...

What's this rubbish about being under 30...?

Vinod Khare said...

And what's this rubbish about living in Delhi and NCR?

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