Monday, December 28, 2009

Some mornings, I begin to believe that there is something to be said for cable television, after all.

When the newspaper doesn't arrive and you decide to get your morning fix of news visually, and then discover that there isn't more than five minutes worth of fresh headlines on TV news, and when you decide to channel-surf for a bit and you come upon the excessive sight of Kimi Katkar in a yellow saree making enthusiastic attempts to disrobe a rustic Anil Kapoor, flinging her pallu away from her chest, lip-synching lyrics like "Utaar apni dhoti, aur baandh meri saree."

For reference:

And this, followed up by the sight of two kids starving, waiting on the beaches of Bombay for someone to feed them, and then, delirious with joy at having eaten a little halwa, hopping from foot to foot, going around in circles.

Some mornings, I begin to almost believe in the benefits of cable television.

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Pawan said...

'Halwa wala aa gaya' is one of the most sublime moments of Indian cinema:)

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