Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Look. Listen.

I have spoken of two violent incidents in parts of the country where tribals live, and which are supposed to have a naxal problem. But it is far, far better that you hear it from one who really knows. Himanshu Kumar, who lives in Dantewada and runs an NGO there, addressed a group of people at an event organised by Tehelka.

Anybody who wants to understand the roots of the problem, and the way forward, should listen to this talk. It is in four parts. Watch it right through.






Gauri Sharma said...
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Gauri Sharma said...

Thanks for posting it on your blog. Himanshu Kumar has very clearly and strongly told the nation, to those 20% of us, the problems that we have created for oursleves and the much much bigger problems that would arise from the sheer neglect, inhumane treatment and dicrmination of these people. We, 20% of us, are digging our own grave.

Jai_C said...

Maybe not making the news headlines is not such a bad thing. At this link, Himanshu Kumar goes out of his way to claim that tribals, not maoists killed the 75 policemen in the recent ambush attack:


He obstinately refuses to condemn the killing and repeatedly goes us- versus-them.

Its really not a bad idea to have this receive as little publicity as possible.... at least for now. You should bring Himanshu back after a fortnight or so.


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