Thursday, December 03, 2009

Song, 2

Poison breath, poison blood
Poison milk, poison mud
Poison pump, poison tap
Poison in your mama's lap
Eyes of milk, limbs askew
Dow child mine, is that you?

Baby-making, weird art
Many arrive with half their parts
You don’t know the nuts and bolts
Little girls bleed, women don’t
There's mercury and chromium too
Dow child mine, is that you?

Applications, admin blues
So many don’ts for one big do
Petition-petition boring game
How to run if you are lame
Dharna-dharna, starve and sue
Dow child mine, is that you?

Leader comes, toxin pet
Says I’m fine, not dead yet
He fought toxin long ago
Now he’s paid for, top to toe
Back bent whole, toothless too
Dow child mine, is that you?

© Annie Zaidi, December 2009
[Songs of sympathy, 1]


D said...

Very well written!

Unknown said...

Words are inadequate to express , I can but say Subhan Allah!!!

G said...

I shuddered at every line while reading this. Very well written.

Ajay said...


Moulding defragmentation said...

I like the pace of this poem. It reads like a series of rapid fire accusatory statements and questions. It becomes doubly effective in conveying the message

VJ said...


Ugich Konitari said...

Compensation, what a life,
No more daughters,no more wife,
Applications, in one plus one,
What else now remains to be done,
Permanently last in the queue
Dow child mine, is that you?

smriti said...

havent been here for LONG LONG time. am happy to be back.

dipali said...

Brilliant and hard hitting. Ugich's comment adds to it!

SR said...

excellent. like its sing-song incantatory power.

Pawan said...


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