Monday, April 11, 2005

Thakur Baba ki jai

Thakur Baba is one God that most of my friends would like to align with.

Thakur Baba is a local diety of some kind and I saw a couple of shrines dedicated to him. The offerings consist of beedis, cigarettes, joints (they are lit and tossed from passing cars and trucks, before the idol) and alcohol of all kinds.

Our taxi-driver (a non-smoker, incidentally) told us, amid much giggling, that this particular God favours a state of perpetual intoxication.

It is also believed that an old tiger lives hearabouts. But, our taxi-driver said, "He doesn't talk. He just sits there, being uncommunicative."


Anonymous said...

could u please leave a comment on the location of this Thakur baba???...would be helpful!

Annie Zaidi said...

Well, well, well... Thakur Baba's fan following grows by the minute.

One shrine can be found en route from Shivpuri district to Sheopur district, Madhya Pradesh. Actually, it is only a little outside Shivpuri, perhaps before Pohri tehsil.
Happy devotions!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please tell who is this thakur baba , i mean whats his history and hwre is his main temple

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

This is the real thakurbaba temple in nepal.

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