Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Firsts of the season

Beteeen gorging films, here are the firsts of the festive season:

Spotted my first mini-skirt yesterday (though it was on a middle-aged woman who forgot to match the skirt with the shoes, or the personality... I wonder why the girls who normally love showing off in mini-skirts, feel that they must appear at film festivals wearing jhabbas and jholas? Is it their way of conceding that clothes define the bimbo?)

Spotted the first girl for whom the short kurta was created… (slender torso, lines that show well under the darkest salwar, full enough to suggest the existence of curves. Would give a lot for those legs...)

Spotted the first Indian woman dressed like an African – complete with turban and all.

Spotted the first so-in-love couple. (They looked too happy to be watching the sufferings of post-Khmer Cambodia. Send them away, please.)

Saw the first good gay-protagonist-film (The Iron Ladies).

Spotted the first Bombay girl deliberately dressed down and covered up, (because she was in big, bad, unsafe Delhi, who felt really stupid, because now she notices all these bare-dare girls trooping in, wearing halter tops and tubes.)

Sat through the first day of non-air-conditioned theatres (the electricity was missing).

Saw the first really modest filmmaker who refused to talk about the film or himself, after he’d been given his claps, post-screening. (These Asian men do know how to bow - without looking ridiculous or self-conscious... completely solemn and completely respectful)

The first really curious audience that couldn’t stop asking questions.

The first really intelligent question (About colour-coding different parts of the film, also representing periods of history)

Heard my first pick-up line (‘Can I look at your brochure?’ Puh-leez! And these are the creative men of our country!?)

Walked into the media centre, and, for the first time, found an unoccupied computer! (heh!)


greatbong said...

"Can I look at your brochure?" is a priceless pick-up line.....goes into my hall of fame collection.

Janaki said...

And your reaction to such a priceless gem???

Annie Zaidi said...

jaygee, my reaction was a very cool, sombre stare, followed by "Sure, but please give it back."
So then he asked me, "are you a student?" and I said "No, I'm a journalist."
so he asked me "why do you look so serious?"
and I said "Journalists are serious people. Didn't you know?"
and by the way, I spotted my first micro-mini last night. and quite appropriately went 'ooooh!'

Anonymous said...

where was this? Siri Fort?

Again - author said...

Err, excuse me. A guy comes up to you and asks if he could see the brochure you're holding, and you think he's hitting on you .... LOL.... LOL... LOL...
Man... it seems you're seeing things when they don't exist. What? Lack of men hitting on you or leching at you, so ur trying to flatter yourself?????
He might have just want to see the brochure for crying out loud. Or maybe he liked your face and smiled at you, and wondered how to start a conversation, and the first thing that came to mind was what he mouthed.
Chill girl... whats the big deal!!!

Annie Zaidi said...

Again - Author, being leched at isn't particularly flattering. But when someone asks to see a brochure but instead of reading the brochure, continues to look at you, you more or less assume the brochure wasn't what he was interested in. Besides, when a guy likes your face and tries to start a conversation... that is generally acknowledged as the beginning of hitting on someone. Different terms, same agenda.
What is my problem? My problem is that when men speak before they think, what tumbles out is often boring predictable lines like 'can I look at your brochure?'... and I don't like being bored. :)

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