Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I have new links (see right panel).

Suhail, Quizman, R. and Anand were long overdue.

V and R are new bloggers, but old friends. Biddin' ye welcome, Ladies.

And I have bloglines.
Though I like visiting each blogger's url individually, as a sort of profound ritual, there are finally too many blogs and too little time.


Suhail said...

woh aaye ghar meiN hamaare Khuda ki qudrat hai
kabhee ham unko, kabhee apne ghar ko dekhte haiN
~~ (who else but) Ghalib

Shukran! and welcome all ye readers :)

Quizman said...

Thank you. :-) Suhail has said it best!

R. said...

Annie, thanks :-) But the link to my blog is wrong (yeah, mine's the one with the typo, you'll know when you read the url) :)

Annie Zaidi said...

sorry, R. corrected

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