Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Plug time again.

This time is a friend of my brother's, Jay (as in, Jai).

Jay is the first Jai I knew. Now I know of two other Jais, both well-known blogozens. Which is a completely irrelevant factoid of sub-zero significance; do forgive.

Anyhow, those who wish to scream and pull their hair out in frustration at Jay's complete disregard for spelling, grammar, punctuation and the like, are welcome to beat him up, the virtual way. Don't curse me for sending you there, though.


david raphael israel said...

I don't mind the spelling / grammar; but an a wee bit surprised at your plugging a blog that hasn't had any new entries since May 2004(!)

Though perhaps this could be one way (via some incursion of attention) of (virtually) kicking the gent back into blogo-gear(?)


ps: I just completed a series of thirty 55-word stories / anecdotes / thoughts / etcs. (this is latest stuff on my blog, preferably/ideally I think to be read from 1 to 30 [rather than in opposite order]. I should wish to view this as a series-per-se (not mere assemblage): i.e., a thing w/ start, middle, end. [Anyway, since this is your blogo-promotion post, perhaps I can somewhat-defensibly tack on this shameless-self-promotion footnote thereto.]

Vijayeta said...

Followed the link...but he's not updated since 2004! But it was fun reading anyway...i for one, just dont mind mindless chatter and rants. And hey, my blog's back too with a whole new look!
Come see...

1conoclast said...

Hey D.I.!

Am trying very hard to kick Jay back into blogo-gear, as you so eloquently put it. But then I have also been trying equally hard to convert him back to Non-Vegetarianism & Alcoholism both virtues that he has renounced!

Will go thru your 30/55. Sounds interesting!

Both my Blogs too have (FINALLY) been updated! Go have a look & let us know what you guys think.

Annie, sorry for so shamelessly borrowing traffic off your page, but my first week's Sitemeter report came through, and it reminds me horribly of my school report cards!

1conoclast said...

Hey David,

One more thing. I must say this: You look almost exactly like my eldest maternal uncle. From the bald head to droopy moustache down to the spectacle frames! Much more resemblance to him than to Salman Rushdie as the caption on your blog suggests.

Annie Zaidi said...

david, vej. will check your blogs.

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