Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Noticed on recent trips undertaken by train

- There is something known as 'Tvarit' reservation, for certain Shatabdi trains.
Tvarit refers to last-minute reservations, as opposed to Tatkal, which means soon/immediate (?) and there is a counter for the same on that platform where the Shatabdi is supposed to arrive.
The counter, unfortunately, was unmanned, both the times I saw it.

- At some stations, there is a facility for charging mobile phones on the platform itself. There is a sort of pillor with plug points on it, with voltage mentioned alongside.

Good ideas, both. No clue if they work.


One in the crowd said...

I did benefit from the tvarit reservation system last week...i filled up the form and got a reserved ticket, all in 10 mins...just half an hour before the scheduled arrival of the train.

Dunno about the charging thing...

Balaji said...

This is really a good service. But I was wondering...Can this not be included in Tatkal itself. Why a seperate Tvarit

david raphael israel said...

cool. On a recent train trip from DC to NYC, I powered my cellphone on the train (there's a plug-point at each row of seats; there's also one "quiet car" reserved for people who don't want to hear others' cellphone chatter etc.) But the train is rather costly these days (no such thing as a cheap train); my return trip (in less haste) was by bus.

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