Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I love Patna.

Because I am delighted by the poster-plastered walls that inform me of a range of entertainment options, which include:

1] Narhau Rickshawala (angry young man carrying small child occupies the centre of the poster, with faces of villanous-looking men all around)
2] Sasurara Zindabad (two cheerful young women, one in western dress, one in ghagra-choli; many other faces.)
3] Kaam-wali (an emphatic 'kaam' being printed at a distance from 'wali'; picture of young woman having erotic fit on her knees)
4] Chinese Nagin (simple white poster with text)

Right next to it, an ad for Chetan Coaching Classes - X, XII etc. Simple white poster with text.

And because of the backs of the cycle-rickshaws - shimmering fabrics, edged with silver gotaa, covered with motifs of horses, fish, hanuman, a new moon... and very often, a Taj Mahal type monument, in shocking pink satin.

And because of one sober rickshaw that has neither satin nor silver lace nor motif. His vehicle is done up in soft, brown faux-leather. Written on the back, quite simply - 'I love You'.

What's not to love, haan?


smriti said...

babe, welcome to Bihar! And you just entered the most sophisticated city in Bihar. I must invite you to Darbhanga someday, which till date remains my very favorite place and which, i am proud to announce, outdoes Patna rather flamboyantly, what with its wonderfully loud roads and shops and cuisines and languages. We in Darbhanga are constantly competing (and winning) against Patna.

xxxxxx xxxx said...

yeah.. u must visit jamshedpur too, now in Jharkhand.. well, but one place i truly recommend is sasaram.. :-) welcome to my birthplace, my love!

Unknown said...

God this post me so damn nostalgic, Born and raised in Patna I am a Michaelite :)

If you want to see more pics check and click on photos, they are all from around and in Patna

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