Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Contests, prizes, send now!


The Poetry Slam and Flash Essay deadlines have been extended by a day. You can still submit!

SMS Poetry.

160 characters on the theme ‘anti-valentine’. SMS-ese allowed.
For details, go here.

Flash Fiction.

Short-shorts or micro-fiction contest. 300 words max taking off from the theme, ‘Tall Story’.

For details, go here.

Flash Essay

A new contest inviting incisive, crisp writing about ‘The Death of the Essay’. 500 words max.

For details, go here.

Poetry Slam

This one is more or less limited to poets in Mumbai or those who can make it to Mumbai on the evening of the 10th of Feb.

Five poems must be prepared for performance on a stage, of which four must relate to each of these themes: Name, Place, Animal, Thing; these must be send in by Feb 3, for a preliminary round of judging. The fifth can be any original poem of your choice but it does not have to be submitted as yet.

For details, and info about how this slam works (the format and rules are different from conventional slam contests elsewhere), go here.
For last year’s scoresheets, go here


An Open Book Pitch.

You send in a sample of your manuscript and a blurb. Representatives from publishing houses look at it. If they like what they see... you know the rest.

For details, go here.

For all contests, there is an entry form that you can get to through the links to the contests, (see above).

Deadlines for all contests: Midnight, Feb 3, 2008.

There are also these non-competitive events.

15 minutes for seven out of the nine days of the festival. The event mixes writing with performance. Each Open Mike session will have 6 slots of up to 2 minutes each. These slots are booked on a first-come-first-served basis every day.

15 minutes for seven our of the nine days of the festival. The event mixes the word with the visual arts. Participants submit 2-minute films via email. We will choose the best films should we get more entries than time permits us to show.

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