Saturday, October 17, 2009

And here's a touching (not to mention, informative) photo essay on the pedals that really do run our cities.

And, thanks to Hari Batti, another very interesting essay on this business of what things really cost - to make, to dispose of - and why this should be so.

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Bhagwad Jal Park said...

Just noticed lots of visitors to my post from your link :)

Like you, I live in Chicago too - but only temporarily. I should be going back to India by the end of the year with any luck.

I have to point out though that the incentives for cyclists in the US exists only in the cities, whereas in 95% of the US, cars are the norm. Almost all of India's cities are organic and will always have many more cycles than those in the US. Cycling in the suburbs is the exclusive preserve of hobbyists.

In fact, I'm not too impressed with the whole way that American towns, cities and suburbs are built

So there's a nice about India on that front :)

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