Saturday, April 03, 2010

More wierd, sad, perplexing searches

So this piece says that men are more or less obsessed with sex. And while we can argue about the research that backs the claim and surveyors' assumptions etc, I have to say that judging from the kind of searches that lead to my blog, it does seem as if internet users are strongly motivated by sex.

This is a sort of annual ritual for the blog. I have done lists before of the weird, the comic and the ugly googling that led readers here. Below, you will see some newer, crazier, sadder searches, and some that are just perplexing. Such as 'face impression using thumb'; and 'annie zaidi actress'? Who? Why?

I have to confess that I am dumbfounded by the sheer number of irrelevant, sexually motivated searches that lead to this blog. There are those who will wonder why I list them (No, it is not to attract more irrelevant searches or to increase traffic). I do this because internet searches are a testament of what we are, and this list is a miniature portrait of our secret desires, fears, curiosities. What people cannot ask other people, they will google.

[Alert: Squeamish people or those with delicate sensibilities or those who have children in their immediate vicinity had better stop right here.]

rubbing aunties ass in crowded places
want to see putlibai the full movie
Bubli blue
seducing bhabi in crowded bus
how much money was spent on popcorn in 2009
hazaron khwaishein aisi rape scene
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System of Rice Intensification 2009
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history of not having a parent while growing up?
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Im young,i have sex and its amazing,let me tell u about my first time every detail.
bubli bubli
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Husbands Speaking About the Breasts of Wife
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why mothers scold only daughters not sons
"my high heels are killing"
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sitesa for shirtless television actors


Bhagwad Jal Park said...

It'll be helpful here if you also give the monthly number of searches.

IMHO if it's more than 1500 a month, then it's not just a fringe element. After all, people search for some weird shit.

I just checked myself. And here are some stats:

Of all the phrases listed, only 4 are above 1000 a month. They are:

I'm young
young cash I'm a freak
young life I'm a boss

The only two sex related searches searches that are not insignificant are:

audio hindi sex story
japanese prostitute pics

All the remaining phrases are fringe searches and are not to be looked at as even minutely representative!

Abdusalaam al-Hindi said...

It's the same story on my blog. Most of the google searches that redirect to my blog are sex related.

The most telling and the often repeated search that gets redirected to my blog is: "Call Girls in Jeddah" That is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia if you don't know. And all because I wrote a post about a girl from Jeddah who married some Pakistani cricket player years ago.

And some searches are just too weird to even mention.

Abdusalaam alHindi
( )

Rachna said...

On a humorous note, I found "Smriti Irani cleavage" really really funny! After all, she's the perfect bhartiya naari/ aunty/ bhabhi/ mom/ bahu!
Somehow, I find it weirdly ironic.

delhidreams said... comment :)

Ron said...

annie zaidi actress? :-)

Sumeet said...

Some of them are silly and inane, some are mildly offensive, some are very offensive. However some cross all limits of what is legitimate, especially the ones using s**t. Those are the ones that just beat comprehension.

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