Friday, December 03, 2010

Fragrance of peace

Irom Sarmila needs no introduction. But there's nothing like poetry to understand someone's politics. So here's a new collection of poems by the woman with the steel spine. 

'Fragrance of Peace' has been published by Zubaan recently. This collection of poems costs only Rs 125 and Flipkart is offering free home delivery. 

Need I say more?


Unknown said...

hey annie
are u the same who did her primary schooling frm jk lakshmi cement..nd ur mother was vice principal in da same school??

Mamta Ranka

Annie Zaidi said...

sunil: yes, i am.
nona: it's not me. am just linking to Irom sarmila's work

Sudeep said...

Thanks Annie for sharing Sharmila's poems. It is true that she needs no introduction now. That is a great deal of an achievement in itself. (I heard of her for the first time about four years ago. Almost six years after she began her hunger strike.)

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