Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hearing, seeing, believing

Multiplexes have changed my generation forever and I’m not talking about hundred-rupee popcorn. I’m talking about what we see and hear. Ten years ago, I’d go to theatres with a dozen questions: Would I get tickets? Would I have a nasty fellow sitting next to me?

Would he hog the shared arm-rest? Would a bunch of brats make random remarks? Would I have to shout: ‘Shut up yaar!’? Would a large family ‘request’ me to exchange seats?

Nowadays, we take our seats for granted, stand up for the national anthem and go home without talking to strangers. Unless of course, it’s a special screening.

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Mumbai Paused said...

Or you can go see a Bhojpuri movie in any of the single screens in Mumbai. And have fun: Here are some pics:

Maria said...

I see a lot and I hear even more. But you know what? I believe only a half or even less of all this, because we are living in a crazy World, filled with lies and bad people.

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