Saturday, August 27, 2011

To read, perchance to have fun:

It is the result of the joint labours (and loves) of myself and Smriti Ravindra. It is ready for scrutiny, and judgement, or whatever else you might bestow upon it. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting The Bad Boy's Guide to the Good Indian Girl aka The Good Indian Girl's Guide to Living, Loving and Having Fun. The book can be preordered (heavily discounted) on Flipkart.


Rachna said...

Wow, this seems fabulous! Any chance I can get this in the US?

Anonymous said...

many congrats, ann. such a long wait this has been. KT the gift has its successor. :-)

editor said...

Annie Sahiba.
I have come to your blog after a long time. Now it looks good, in terms of layout. Congrats. Content wise it was always an interesting and readable blog.

Amit said...

congrats annie

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