Friday, October 21, 2011

"Otherwise we are not so orthodox"

Apparently, good Indian girls don't do serious research in good libraries.

This newspaper reports that undergraduate female students at Aligarh Muslim University are not allowed to enter the better-equipped Maulana Azad Library and that even in the Women's College Library, students are allowed access to the reference section only. And what does the college princy have to say?

"Vehemently denying the allegations against the college administration, Bilquis Nasim Waris, Principal of the Women's College, said the college library was “equipped with what the girls require... Everyone knows that UG students don't need reference material and journals, they only need textbooks and even if they insist on reference material, our teachers can fetch those from the MAL and hand out photocopies,” she said.

Dismissing the demands for relaxing rules and allowing more freedom to the students to step out as “needless,” Professor Waris said the austere rules are only “to protect” the girls. She went on to elaborate: “We allow them to step out on Sundays. These girls are young and just want to go outside. These restrictions are for their good and to save them from wrong things. Otherwise, we are not so orthodox.”


Dr. Ally Critter said...

But it does make sense-if they let the girls read.. Who knows they might learn to think and if that happens who knows what they may start questioning about the restrictions they are supposed to live by....

PaulAndPaula said...

Denial of information to women always had large impacts on the society as a whole. It has to be stopped. This is pure denial what they're doing to those girls. Equipping the library with what the girls require, indicate that the college has censored information, measured it, and then put up for release in the library. What is the base of censoring this? What did the college think that these chicks should not know about? This is a strain of male-chauvinism.


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