Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Miei Luoghi

My first collection of essays, 'Known Turf: Bantering with Bandits and Other True Tales' was translated into Italian last year and published by Metropoli d'Asia as I miei luoghi. It has been well received by the Italian press. Here are some (rough) translations of bits excerpted from the reviews.

"We are far from the trivial triangle of poverty-spirituality-impetuous economic growth that is commonly used while writing about India... Against all stereotypes, Annie Zaidi wrote a book that can be read with pleasure"
- Sunday Literary Supplement

"A book so compelling that your mind registers it as a personal experience... After reading I Miei Luoghi, Annie Zaidi's will be the only conceivable India"
- Il Foglio

"Annie Zaidi is never neutral. Central to this books are her reactions, her dislikes, her passions, and her awareness of the fact that she is a privileged and fragile woman in a country where the birth of a female is still considered a disgrace. Thus her reportage turns into a coming of age story" 
- Rolling Stone

"Annie Zaidi tells India by telling her life. And she shows how a book can become the starting point of the relation ship between a writer and herself."
- La Lettura, Corriere della Sera 

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