Sunday, April 28, 2013

Heartwards ho!

"Love Stories # 1 to 14... enters this terrain with such assured grace and insight, the reader is completely absorbed in the experience of the characters, scouring the depths of loneliness that come with being in love, and without it...  The tone here is always compassionate and the feeling you get at the end of the book is uplifting."

From a brief review-cum-interview with Sakaal Times.

And this interview, also for Sakal, was done with Smriti Ravindra for "The Good Indian Girl".


Unknown said...

Really want to read this one. Can't wait for the e-book. Or should I just order a hard copy instead of waiting?!

Annie Zaidi said...

The ebook will be out in a month or two, I think. If you are in India, and wanting to read, head to the nearest bookstore.

Unknown said...

Didn't see the e-book yet, finally ordered on Flipkart. Have received it. Will come back to share my thoughts after I finish reading it :)

Annie Zaidi said...

please do.

Unknown said...

Finished reading this book, and it was a liberating experience :) I sort of knew what to expect from this book having read your other books and blogs and seen your videos. Liked that the stories left a lot for imagination. Will look forward to reading more from you. I wrote a full review on goodreads:

PS. It is great that I can speak through blog comments to the author of the book I just finished reading. Wonders of digital age :)

Annie Zaidi said...

Thanks for the review. Read it. And am glad you liked the book.. And yes, the digital age really is something else!

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