Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Madness Around

Have often thought about sanity, the people we consider sane, and the forces that push some of us beyond - into that other place in the head. Some of those thoughts are compressed here, in another story for The Small Picture in Mint.


Jai_Choorakkot said...

Interesting read. Do allow me to state my concerns with the care, or lack of it, for the mentally disturbed.

Over the last few months I noted quite a few news items where people were harmed or killed by somebody with mental issues:

- a lady attacked strangers in some US city, luckily for them they only suffered minor injuries.

- somebody pushed a man into the path of a subway train, in NY or Washington. The man was run over.

- the lady who tried to crash onto the White House lawn apparently believed she was being stalked by Obama.

- the guy who shot several people at Navy Yard believed he was being controlled by low-frequency radio waves.

This spate of incidents reminded me of the most poignant incident from a decade or so ago:

a luckless Good Samaritan was drowned at Padmateertham, Trivandrum by the person who he set out to save; a madman (please forgive me for not using a more p.c description here) who had been calling out from the water for quite a while. The man was later pulled out by the police and sent to an asylum.

This incident had a profound impact on the way I thought about accidents and helping people in distress.

So in conclusion, I hope for all our sakes that most people with any mental issues fit your description, retiring to those safe and sunny spots in their mind and not causing any harm to others, and preferably themselves. I also hope those that need help do get it.

This note is to flag to your readers that the reality can be different on more occasions than they like.


Unknown said...

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