Friday, June 12, 2015

A review of 'Sleeping on Jupiter'

At the heart of the story is an ashram that was led by a powerful, politically linked guru, and the abuse and torture of orphaned or war-affected children who were being brought up there as his wards. The connivance of many other adults who are not merely mute witnesses but active participants to this torture, puts a gruesome, frightening edge to the story. There is an excruciating feeling that the reader knows where this is heading and yet, with every page turned, dreads the revelation. There is little trace of theashram when the adult Nomi returns to Jarmuli but she finds a hint of the old dangers still lurking about in the town in the garb of monks, who are still a threat to vulnerable young boys like Raghu.
Each character brings her (or his) own baggage to Jarmuli. 
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