Sunday, May 22, 2005

More MPs like the PM, please

If anyone says one word against our PM, Dr Manmohan Singh, after reading this, I will personally beat them up. (Why can't we have more people like him around?)

Reminds me of an interview I did with Mr Karanjia, that grand old journo who'd founded and edited the Blitz, for many, many years. (He's past 93, I think, but still comments on the country's political affairs, and is still heart-wrenchingly good-looking).

At that time, he'd said, "The single largest contribution that Sonia Gandhi has made to this nation, is that she stepped aside and placed Manmohan Singh on the Prime Minister's chair. If it wasn't for her, there was no way an honest and quiet worker, an intelligent and non-corrupt man like Manmohan Singh could have made it to the top post, in India... this is what Sonia Gandhi should be remembered for, through our history..."


sanchapanzo said...

Nice article !

Seems like there is going to be a review on MPLADS - due to its gross misuse by most politicians. Too bad, some of the genuine projects will also be affected :(

Morquendi said...

There's just something nice about him :)

I still consider myself lucky that I was in India one year ago when I woke up one morning and saw the news splashed across the headlines. Even to an outsider like me it seemed like a big moment.

Though the ToI headline was just pathetic.

Janaki said...

yep! may be he could rationalise with the other sikhs.. and let a movie just play.. and try not to harm so many people becoz they seem to get affronted.
on the story.. tis was a great pc to read on sunday.. but yes read it in the TOI and was quite a wishy washy report there..

Suhail said...

Yes. Infact, I think he is too genteel a guy for the post of a PM. But it's nice to see someone, against whom even the opp. don't have a single point, occupying the PM's chair (Have linked your post). But, unfortunately everytime such a positive news comes, it's immediately compensated by some horrific one like this Delhi blast.

anumita said...

He's the best we have got in a long time!

Ashok said...

There is something about good governance...there are just few people with the moral conviction and self determination working at it...and too many people, like me, who sit by the side and hope that change takes place. Can we collectively do something about this...

Quizman said...

It is telling that in this cynical age, we compliment someone for doing what he is supposed to be doing. It goes to prove that the system has failed. As every manager worth his salt knows, any process that depends solely on the integrity of an individual is a flawed process.

Ashok, you can volunteer with us or volunteer for this group.

Suhail said...

Quizman, given that there few alternatives in near future, we better praise the one who is doing his job as much as we curse the one who does not. Ofcourse, I get your point about the depths of cynicism we have reached.

Amrit said...

Hmm...if only he were not in the Congress. Well, Kamal keechad me khilta hai! as the saying goes.

Many people call him a Sonia lackey but I think this the only way he can do something for the country. Quiet as he may be, he is one of the shrewdest, but sincerest persons in the Indian politics blotted with the likes of Sonias, Modis and Lalus.


Annie Zaidi said...

Gosh! Sonia and Modi being lumped into the same comparative category?
As for what we can do... well, enter politics, for one. We don't have a right to bitch about 'desh ke haalaat', if we don't want to get our feet dirty, down there in the murky swamp called politics. I suspect that most people who wrinkle their refined noses at the word, are not so much disgusted, as afraid. We don't want to get involved because we're afraid of what might happen to us, and our familiar, little world. Fear is one of the easiest-held keys to power.
Which is why I have tremendous respect for clean, intelligent and committed people, who actually step into the electoral field, and give the people a decent alternative to the rotting filth around us.

1conoclast said...

I'd like to mildly disagree with Sohail. We need genteel guys at the helm instead of near gundas like Laloo.
And I'd like to disagree vehemently with Amrit. How ironical it is that "Kamal keechad me khilta hai!" is used for Manmohan Singh today. The last time I remember it was used for Atal Behari Vajpayee. I remember a TOI Edit about him before he became PM; "Right Man on the WRONG SIDE".
Personally I feel that the Congress is responsible for some of the highlights of what India is today: A Secular Nation, Reliance Industries, better bi-lateral ties with the US and what not!
The computer that you type on, the Internet connection that you use, the Microsoft, the Blogger, the Google that you Amrit are taking for granted, are all a result of an event that took place years ago. Post Rajiv Gandhi's assassination (which incidentally was a result of his security being downgraded by the BJP-JD combine in power at the time), the Congress returned to power. PV Narsimha Rao then appointed ex RBI Governer Dr. Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister. The first thing he did was open staid old India's economy to the World. Bill Gates came in, software opened up. We gave the World our Narayan Murthy's, Azim Premji's & our BPO's.
However corrupt one may say Narsimha Rao was, he will always be remembered for picking an intellectual Dr. Singh instead of a politician as our Finance Minister.
And Sonia Gandhi has just taken it one step further. And for that she will be revered forever.

Anonymous said...

He is a man of integrity and a good MP. Does that naturally make him a good PM?

I think Narasimha Rao was a lousy MP, but one of the best PMs.

"If anyone says one word against our PM"
Isn't this idolatory? I am not sure how great a government this has been. Its still too early to comment for someone having to juggle so much just to do day-to-day administration. But even if he was the bloody best PM any country has ever had, it should not mean he shouldn't be criticized where criticism is due.

"in this cynical age, we compliment someone for doing what he is supposed to be doing."
I believe in any age, we should complement anyone for doing honestly what he is supposed to do; more so in a system that doesn't make a person uttardayi (answerable??) for his or her actions.

Tanuj said...

opinionated, we know you are. but let's not turn this into a pathetic political squabble. i think we all agree that it will be difficult to find a candidate better than manmohan singh for PM.

1conoclast said...

Niket, Tanuj... Point taken.

Totally agree with the fact that in all times & not just ours, someone just doing their job well needs to be appreciated.
And totally agree that this lovely blog doesn't deserve to be turned into a political debating ground.

Signing out. For now. >:)

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Anonymous said...

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