Monday, May 09, 2005

Punjab -2

I forgot to add this in my last post, but it was the thing that surprised me most.

You get better Punjabi food outside Punjab!

I'm not kidding and I'm sure the true-blue punjabi puttar wants to lynch me right now, but fact is fact: I've had better rajma-chawal, better chhole-kulche, better stuffed parathas and curds, better maa-ki-daal elsewhere.

[PS - If you're a paratha person, and if you're in Ajmer, go to JaiHind restaurant somewhere near the market opposite the station. Ask for Gobi/Mooli (both, preferably) parathas, with yogurt lightly sprinkled with whole zeera, roasted. Assuming the old kitchen hands haven't quit... I would have said, it's the best paratha outside of Punjab... but now, I know better.

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