Tuesday, August 16, 2005

wee bits from the weekend

Cafe Turtle, in Khan Market, is a nice-ish place to hang out.

For one, it's inside a bookstore and any cafe that's inside a bookstore scores over a cafe that is ... not inside a bookstore (though it does seem like the menu has been designed for the firangs, or the aunty-on-a-perenniel-diet... I had to eat leaves inside my sandwich! And no matter how much mustard you douse it with, a raw leaf is still a raw leaf).

So, I ate my sandwiched raw leaves and was just beginning to absorb the atmosphere - the pictures lining the walls, two little blonde sisters with thick spectacles, grey hair, rumpled cottons, the old photographs... all very romantic in a bookish sort of way...

then we noticed the black felt-pen notations on the paintings:

"Rs 30,000
+ VAT."

You know, what really killed it was that '+ VAT'.

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