Monday, March 13, 2006

Links and meets

Two spaces I've been meaning to link to, for a while now.

How The Other Half Lives
For some good writing and some significant questions,

for some exceptional writing by someone I'm proud to call a close friend.

In other news, Neha - of Desipundit and Within/Without fame, is going to be in town this weekend, and there's a blogmeet happening. I am not in town, unfortunately, but am sure the others will turn up in droves for coffee and conversation.


neha vish said...

There you go Annie.. Breaking my heart. :( sniff

But really, would have been wonderful to meet you.. another time perhaps!

Vidya said...

I linked you on my website; I hope you don't mind...I enjoy reading your writing.

Annie Zaidi said...

flwrlak: no, i don't mind. much obliged.

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