Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When in trouble, blame the blog

And now, Judith Miller blames the bloggers too!

Miller describes to Vanity Fair the process by which the Pajama People destroyed her:
The bloggers were without editing, without a way for people to understand what was good, what was well reported—to distinguish between the straight and the slanderous. Things would get instantly picked up, magnified, and volumized.
In Miller's mind, the bloggers not only poisoned her relationship with the Times brass but also with her colleagues, who, she says, "believed what they read on the blogs."

Them, and a lot of other people... But seriously, now who's slandering whom, I'd like to know.


R. said...

LOL...i needed the laff..One word leaps into mind when i read her statement, 'denial'.

Well you really can't expect her to admit that her faulty (read crooked) reporting may have played a small part in america waging war in iraq.

So today it's the bloggers who did her in...tomorrow it's the turn of the pesky window washers outside the new york times office...

Annie Zaidi said...

rabin: :) and i am shaking my head in disbelief that she actually went on record to say that she thinks that readers need to be told/taught what to think, because if you tell them everything, they won't be thinking the things they should be thinking.

1conoclast said...

She must have been like you all at one time, getting into Journalism to influence public opinion. Maybe the fact that the public is so daft, that she's started believing that it needs to be told what to think!
Or maybe she's just plain drunk with power...!

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