Thursday, September 07, 2006


I'm annoyed.

Somebody from NDTV (or claiming to be from NDTV) called me up. From a 'restricted' number. Asking if I wanted to be a part of XYZ program.

I said, 'huh?'

He said that he had got my cell phone number from a 'database' and could I tell him my name please?

At first, I refused to give him my name.

He persisted, saying that even if my answer was a 'no', it was better to give him my name and other coordinates, so that they did NOT call me in future.

I mean... hello? NDTV?

Calling up random people, without knowing their names or anything about them, and putting them on panels to express views (about what?) is not necessarily the best way to go about news. And picking up people's numbers off databases, making unsolicited phone calls... that's the sort of thing telemarketers do, and that's the sort of thing that has been disallowed, you know. Don't do it!


Balaji said...

If this call was actually made by NDTV, then I definitely think that it is disgraceful. Though I have a feeling that it is some prakster.

Annie Zaidi said...

balaji: one hopes so. it would be interesting though, to find out how the various news networks collect people for their discussions/panels/etc

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