Friday, September 15, 2006

Night Out; Step Out

Blank (that which is not allowed meaning, form, articulation). Noise (that which heightens, builds itself).

There will be articulation. There will be meaning. There will be a build-up to something we all want.

Safe streets. Safe nights. Women out on safe streets at night.

Friday Night.

9 pm.


[Confirm by calling Blank Noise Delhi at 98734 85284 at Jasmeen]


Anonymous said...

Are men allowed to come? Also, is it only going to be done this Friday night? I ask because I will not be in Delhi on Friday.

Annie Zaidi said...

Of course, men are welcome too.
This is the first time Blank Noise is doing a night walk in Delhi, I think. But, we hope, this will become a regular feature. There are other things planned for Sunday evening as well, and you could join, if you want to.

Anonymous said...

If I were anywhere around, I would have loved to come for this, having known many a friends in Delhi who have gone through some horrendous experiences on the streets. I wish you good luck.


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